Saturday, May 30, 2009


Wow what a whirl wind. We have been trying really hard to finish all projects today so we can have the next few days just to breathe. Almost made it but decided we will have to put off our last project until Monday night due to the fact that I hit the wall and Beth was pooped too. Since I am the Nap Queen I had a quick little nap but couldn't wait to get up so I can actually draw up some of my ideas for new designs. We will look a little different this year because silly us took two spaces in stead of one. One side will be Gossamer Designs and the other side will be a division of Gossamer called "Monarch". We decided to create a name that would be good for our lesser expensive designs. At this time if I were to try to describe the look I would have to say its bright,fun,funky,pop art,feminine with a retro whimsy feeling. WHATEVER!!!

Beth has also come up with a couple more road rules.

11.Do not ask are we there yet?
12.Do not ask how many more miles?

It's that time to say audios!


Diana Leitner and Donna Cedergreen said...

Yeah-you are back in blogland! Where are those pictures? Can hardly wait to here the stories from farm chicks. XOXO


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