Saturday, October 3, 2009


As visions of Suzy Orman dance in my head saying and I quote "YOU CANT AFFORD A STUDIO the new home of Gossamer Designs Studio is in its infancy. We have passed the major demolition of my very loved cottage/garage and are on to pouring the concrete for the new foundation of our very own new double car garage with a studio on the second floor.Fortunately I am still breathing, haven't had a break down and Bob and I haven't killed each other yet. So I guess every things going to plan. OK I admit I am a worry wart and it isn't my fault because I come from a long line of worry warts. I guess its just in my DNA. As my Bobby's
mom would say "Well bless her heart she comes by it honestly". So I have decided that if I am a little off balance for the next couple of months and if I pace like a crazed weasel that will be just ok with me. Acceptance is the key word! So what if my whole back yard looks like a war zone. Acceptance what a nice word.
So if you see me and I am acting a little nutty just be kind to me and know this to shall pass.

Wow its good to be back