Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little "Sparkle" at Monticello

I purchased this dress form for only three dollars, collaged it with vintage music paper and it was transformed Kathy Zell Style. My plan was to sell the dress form but now I love it so much that its all mine.

With a great deal of help from the Display Queen Kathy Zell I finally filled my very little space full of Christmas bling. Kathy came by the day before the big move in and helped stage my space in my oh so little living room. It's all about display. Everything has to be pleasing to the eye, easy to get to and a good balance of eye candy. This was quite the challenge when your space is three feet by five. Thank god that she did help me because by the time we did this I was pretty much not functioning very well. I was obsessed with Christmas and hardly slept the last three days. I felt like I pretty much pointed and grunted in response to everything.

Only a good friend would put up with this. I guess I'm just a lucky girl. The first thing on the agenda was to design the display pieces. Kathy went from room to room gathering up feathers, millinery, lace, nests anything that she was drawn to. I was busy going through bags filled with vintage treasures to find just the right pieces. My roll was assisting her with her vision quest. Now here is the final result of all this effort.

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My Shabby Roses said...

Everything looks beautiful Vicki! I went my the shop yesterday and got to see it first hand.

I need you and Kathy next week too!!!

Hope you sale lots!