Monday, June 15, 2009


There was a lot of exciting times at the Farm Chicks but the most exciting thing that happened to us was that Pamela Heron (Queen Of Pamelot) one of sisters of "Sisters of the Fly" purchased our "Ode to A Cowgirl" crown. I swear when she put that crown on her head, she owned it. It was like it was specially made just for her. All she kept saying was I'm gonna go to hell and I came back with but you will look mighty purtty in hell. If your not familiar with them they are a great bunch of women that celebrate sisterhood and own vintage trailers that they take on caravan trips around the country.Each trailer is unique and individualized to represent the personality of its owner. They have western themed graphics painted on their trailers and the interiors are all done in western kitch.
A big thank you to the "Queen Of Pamelot" from the Gossamer Gals.

The second was getting hugs from our friend Celeste from Chaps. I don't think Beth or I have ever received a hug as long as the one Celeste gives out. She is genuinely a very special person who we will always consider our friend. We just love her and her cool romantic cowgirl flair.

Bob our transportation manager and senior road crew specialist was amazing. I had a few slip ups like Bob can't we listen to Gram Parsons and when can we stop at the next thrift store? He was a good sport and just ignored me. I silently pouted, after all I did agree that he was in charge, on the road that is.

Great time but "There Is No Place Like Home".

This is just a few of our highlights pictures coming soon.

Peace, Love & Happy Trails

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laurie -magpie ethel said...

Glad Farm Chicks was fun. I think Celeste is a gem too...and I LOVE chaps. We need to get together soon...